Apr 172015

Baked Berry Custard. Praise Martha Stewart for such an easy delight! Typically, baked desserts last a few days in our house. Not this bad boy. We polished almost all of it off in a day. – 050/365

It’s back to business as usual here at Wild Dingo. Now that I’m back on the same Lyme treatment I was in December, I’m back to functioning almost normally. You wouldn’t know by looking at me that I’m on some heavy medications for a serious illness. I still have plenty of symptoms but I can manage them, do my house chores and even bake. It still takes about 4 hours each morning to get all meds and supplements down. By the time I’m ready for a dog walk, it’s noon or 1:00 and by the I’m back from a walk, I’m too tired to do much of anything but lay down and stare at the ceiling, not able to sleep of course, thanks to Lyme. But laying horizontal is enough rest for me that by 4:00, I can “begin” my day. And by that I mean, my thinking projects.

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Apr 122015
Living Wild

I can’t help it. I’m fascinated with tiny flowers. Perhaps because I’ve never given them a second glance on my hikes. My fascination happened when I was learning to use my telephoto lens on close-ups. I was blown away by the details in the smallest of flowers. And the variation of color! Nature fascinates me. All my […]

Apr 082015
NitWit ByPass Bridge Now Open

In the first year of owning our property we build NitWit Bridge, a 40-foot high, 90-foot long, redwood suspension bridge over the creek that runs through our property. Last year, we built a second trail and bridge, NitWit Too, in order to make a complete loop on the property and provide more off leash fun […]

Apr 052015
Lyme + Flu = Bummin'!

Poor Loki. He was worried because I didn’t act like myself when I got out of bed Friday morning. Mr. Wild Dingo brought home a cold and flu from his Asia trip last weekend. But I didn’t exhibit symptoms soon after he came home. Instead, I was having a flare in Lyme symptoms and once that […]

Apr 022015
Bee Healthy

As a person diagnosed with and treating Lyme disease, a disease with no known cure and life-debilitating symptoms, I find myself coming across “sure-cures” every day. One such cure that’s been floating around for a while is Apitherapy or bee venom therapy.  Ellie Lobel, who had been fighting chronic Lyme disease for nearly 20 years, was cured […]

Mar 292015
Weekend Wrap Up

Theirs is a complex relationship. Bonded in emotions that range from angst to bliss. She was all wiggles and kisses for the entire weekend when he returned on Friday after two weeks of travel. He walked them both days this weekend for extra one on one time. Monday night when he gets home from work, she will make no […]

Mar 262015
Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is here in Santa Cruz Mountains and that leaves only a short window of time to photograph the variety of blooms in vibrant greens, blues, pinks and reds before it all turns golden brown. I walk by numerous varieties of wildflowers everyday on my dog walk and I’ve never given them a glance, much […]

Mar 222015
When Being Strong is the Only Choice

It’s been a challenging week for me and the dogs. Between being stuck at home resting and going to multiple doctor appointments, there were no walkies. They took it with grace and didn’t complain much. I think they know more than we imagine they do. It breaks my heart to deny them their daily walk and […]

Mar 212015
Enabling Chocoholics Around the Web

Are you one of those people who sneaks a bite of chocolate before noon? Have you been known to eat a brownie from a freshly baked batch for breakfast? If so, then I have the guilt free solution for you! Chocolate Oatmeal is not only heart healthy, its chock full of fiber, protein and antioxidants. With […]

Mar 102015

Yesterday I had my PICC line placed. They told me no heavy lifting or stress on the arm for a week. So ok: no lifting Juno out of the Xterra, no lifting the crate or big boxes. No push ups or weight lifting. Not that I do either of those now anyway.  I was considering […]

Mar 082015
Take a Bite out of Lyme

If you’ve been watching me on social media, you’ll know I posted a few photos for the Take a Bite out of Lyme Disease Challenge. Obviously, I had to take part in this challenge as the disease has totally stopped my life in its tracks. But here’s the thing that I don’t think a lot […]

Mar 062015
Goodbye My Friend

Goodbye my friend, Norwood.  I am honored to have met and known you. I will always giggle as I fondly remember how you challenged me to find new and creative ways to use “Harry Funballs” in a sentence. We will miss you but will carry on your legacy to get outdoors every day and bounce. […]