Lyme Disease is the Fastest Growing Infectious Disease

Lyme Disease is a growing epidemic and drastically underfunded. Learn why and how you can help with a tax deductible donation to ILADS!

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Here for a Canine Laugh?

Check out Juno’s latests mastication crimes!

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Purple Haze of Autumn

Excuse me while I kiss the sky. – 225/365 Autumn, nature’s last stand at magnificence.  The purple haze skies of autumn makes up for the lack of foliage in the Bay area. No filter. Crazy pink skies made this. – 223/365 On the brink of nature’s... read more

Mr. Wild Dingo’s Awesome Galette

The Perfect Galette – 224/365 Ever since he accidentally invented the Blueberry Crêpecake, Mr. Wild Dingo has had a hankerin’ for a galette. So he did what he always does: obsess over finding  just the right crêpe pan and make me buy it. Like he had to... read more


Foxglove (Digitalis purpuea) –  220/365 Foxglove, genus name Digitalis, is native to Europe, Asia, Africa. It’s Latin name, Digitalis, means “finger-like” and refers to the ease with which the flower can be fitted over a human fingertip.  The... read more

Temptation Revisited

Temptation Waits – 221/365 “Princess I can resist anything but temptation.” “Yield to temptation, Big Boy. It may not pass your way again!” It’s Throwback Thursday. This photo was only taken 2 years ago, November 2013. Loki’s been giving into the... read more

Star Jasmine

Star Jasmine – 219/365 Star Jasmine, Trachelospermum jasminoides, is a flowering vine in the Apocynaceae family. Native to Asia, it’s an evergreen woody vine that grows up to 10 feet high. The white flowers are quite fragrant, it’s oil extracted from... read more

Lyme Brain Strikes Again

Foxtails in Black and White #2 of three – 218/365 Lyme Brain struck again! This time live on the Internet. Yesterday’s photo was an accidental repeat. I meant to post a more recent photo of Mr. Wild Dingo and the dogs from our Sunday walk, but my Lyme... read more

Family Day

Family Day Hike with Mr. Wild Dingo, the cracker & the criminal! 217/365 Family Day, a Sunday tradition we started while living in Switzerland. On Sundays in Switzerland, everything is shut down and you aren’t allowed to make noise or run power tools. You... read more

As the Lyme Brain Turns

Juno shares my sentiments on a bad Lyme-day.  214/365 Juno shares my sentiments exactly when I wake up, after having only 3 hours of sleep, with my heart racing like I’m at the start line of a bike race and a migraine brewing.  Thank dog and praise cheeses for... read more


Honeybee on a Myrtle -213/365 The Myrtle (genus name, Myrtus), is a flowering plant, native across the northern Mediterranean (especially in the islands of Sardinia and Corsica). Commonly used as a hedge plant, this Myrtle is found as hedge on a farm in Santa Cruz... read more

Hummingbirds are So Bossy

Hummingbirds can be so bossy! 212/365 In the Spring after we came back from living in Europe, I was sitting at my desk window when a hummingbird came up to the window and seemed to yell at me. Flittering aggressively back and forth, to and from the window. In my... read more

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