Take a Bite out of Lyme Disease!

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Lyme Disease is the Fastest Growing Infectious Disease

Lyme Disease is a growing epidemic and drastically underfunded. Learn why and how you can help with a tax deductible donation to ILADS!

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Here for a Canine Laugh?

No problem. Check out Juno’s latest mastication story.

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Going Off Campus

I haven’t been to the ocean in a while. I tried several times when I started treating Lyme, but the sun and the reflections off the water set off my neuro symptoms so badly that I’ve avoided it for about a year now. An odd thing about having Lyme disease... read more

Carniolan Honey Bees and Privets

A honey bee on a Privet plant (Ligustrum). Native to Europe, North Africa and Asia, privets can grow up to 3 m tall and are tolerant of different soil types. Its name is derived from the word “private” as privets were used as privacy hedging. European privets... read more

My Remarkable Husky

This is what my husky does when I’m doing my macro photo thing. For those who don’t know huskies, this is rare, extraordinary–remarkable! She patiently waits for me to finish my thing and doesn’t run off to the next county, state, or country like most huskies... read more

Tangier Pea

Hello Monday. Here is a Tangier Pea (Lathyrus tingitanus), a species of wild pea. An annual herb, native to Southern Europe and North Africa and introduced to the Pacific Northwest. I found this one and many more all over Santa Cruz Mountains. The Tangier Pea produces... read more

Happy Poppy’s Day

“No matter how much I grumble at you, you’re my favorite Pop! Happy Poppy’s Day!” Pee Ess: We miss woo! read more


I used to count how many miles I could ride a bike, run or hike. Now I count how many pills I can get down each day. Being an athlete and a yogi prepared me for this. Two years ago to this day, I took my first antibiotic and began treatment for Lyme disease with... read more

Big Boy Britches

Yesterday, he put his big boy britches on and let the vet poke him in the rib cage with a needle to check on a cyst. Of course it took his favorite position: burying his head between my thighs. “I don’t wanna see momma!” Then, burying his pointy nose in a huge pile of... read more

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