May 192008

It seems Scott Adams has been eavesdropping at casa Wild Dingo.

It’s no secret my “tolerance” for nitwit behavior has bottomed out. Mr. Wild Dingo may have taken note of my lack of tolerance, for well, stupidly behaving individuals once, twice or thrice in the past month.

But I ask you. What harm is it in practicing the zero tolerance for nitwits diet on a local level when we all have to endure the nitwit who did this:

If more people practiced “Zero Tolerance for Nitwits” on a larger level, maybe, just maybe, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

Alice is my hero. I think we look alike.

  3 Responses to “Scott Adams Has Been Eavesdropping”

  1. I was looking all over for the credit card #, but WildDingo is not a nitwit and wouldn’t post her receipt with the vital info that would grant us keys to her CC account…

  2. Hey, can I respond to the shopping survey and keep the free thank you gift….a large Slurpee?

    I am no nitwit…just cheap.

  3. i heart opec!

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