People keep asking me what breed Loki is. Some guess the German Shepherd, but then they can’t figure out the rest. When you Google Taiwanese Mountain Dog you’ll find Formosan Mountain Dog, Taiwan’s version of the dingo. He has some of the same traits, namely those antenna- like ears, body structure and shape of his face. So I guess he does fit nicely into Wild Dingo!

When Mr. Wild Dingo goes to Taiwan, sometimes he’ll come back with “Formosan” items, like the Formosan ugly hat or Formosan beads. Funny. He never brought home a Formosan Mountain Dog! Now I know why.

They warned us Loki wouldn’t be easy. He’s got some major ‘tude when he doesn’t get his way. And he can hold a grudge.  It takes 20 minutes to put on his harness and leash because he’s afraid of them. He’s outsmarted all my treats and tricks and manages to play a good round of Houdini before our walks or car rides. His energy never ends.

Below, Loki enjoys himself at his favorite dog park.  The photos look fierce but the dogs are actually having a great time wrestling.

My name’s Travis! Nice to meet you!

The Malamute-Huskies arrive. Some people are sizests and run out of the park when these guys come. But Loki and Travis do not discriminate and are always happy to see the husky pack.

Typical Loki–showing off.

Loki asked me to include this photo because it makes his butt look small.

Judo Chop!

“Loki, I don’t care what the word is on the street, you’re aces with me kid!”

“Travis, I got chunks of guys like you in my poop!”


“Travis, How do you like them apples, eh?”

“Oh no you dit-ent!”

“Vushki and Loki play tug for the first time.”

Mother Nature’s Long Hot Flash
No, Loki. You Can’t Fix Stupid.

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