As some of you know, our friend Max in South Africa has been touring the world and spending time with his friends along the way. We haven’t known Max long but we were delighted to find out that he’d be stopping by Wild Dingo. Loki and Juno immediately took him to their top two favorite spots.

First to a tour of their humble property that included a stop on the infamous trippy-trap,NitWit Bridge. NitWit Bridge is a 90 foot suspension bridge  built on top of a fallen redwood tree. Though the bridge is not officially engineered, it’s quite stable and the cables are tied into 15 foot cement piers The pirate netting was added later to keep doggies from freaking out when trying to cross the bridge.  The bridge was built to maintain a walking path to our well and our waterline runs from the well under ground and eventually runs under the bridge itself!

Juno asks Max, “Dude, do they, like have, like, bridges like this in your neighborhood?”
Max responds, “I didn’t know Siberians could speak Valley Girl!”

Nice save Max!

Next Loki and Juno took him to their favorite hang-out around the house, their tree house. Juno is smitten with Max, while Loki tries to pick up a few of his gentlemanly behaviors.

“Hey Max, you’re the cheese! How about a little Wobba Wonki action,” asks Loki.
“Big Boy, can’t you see? Max is much too refined to play Wobba Wonki with a barbarian!”
Meanwhile, Max cleaverly avoids getting in the middle of a quarrel and compliments them on their home. “Nice crib you have here kids. I should get my manager to build me one of these,” says Max.

Ut oh. Wild Dingo suspects Max’s mom is wondering if she should have detoured his visit to Northern California!

Thanks for visiting Max! Hope you had a lovely time. We certainly enjoyed your visit! We apologize for the late report. Our writers are grossly overpaid. We just can’t get good help here at Wild Dingo.

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