On the way to Ballens. The farm on the right has lovely band of 20 or more frolicking horses.

I was re-writing the About page the other day because Wild Dingo used to be a Web site that was for my consulting business and blog. I had to update the information because people still contact me about work.  And it brought up that question that everyone inevitably always asks: “What do you do?”

I cringe every time I hear it–like Hugh Grant’s character in the movie “About a Boy,” who doesn’t do anything for a living but live off the royalties of his father’s Christmas jingle.  Maybe it’s guilt. But then again, I’ve met quite a few women here in Switzerland who are exactly like me. They don’t have kids. Maybe they have a dog or two. They don’t have a job, but they do lots of stuff. And unlike Hugh’s character, I do lots of stuff too.

Close up of the same view.

Over the years, I’ve accumulated a lot of hobbies. I used to ride a bike enough hours in the week as if it were a part-time job. While I still ride, I pushed it aside in favor of new hobbies. The photos in this post are taken while riding my bike.  And photography is fast becoming a new hobby.  I’ve also taken up running again because of Juno.  The dogs are yet another hobby. I put in two years of training with both dogs and plan to do more. Loki is going stark raving mad not working and it’s high time we do something soon for him. At least one of us wants to work around here.

I’ve also started cooking–a lot. At least four to five times per week we have 3-course dinners and a bottle of wine. Usually the wine is a carefully chosen, tasted wine.  While Mr. Wild Dingo is not impressed with my career (non)ambitions, he’s been really happy coming home to nice dinners and a great bottle of wine every night. Hey, it’s the least I can do for dragging him kicking and screaming to Switzerland.

I’ve also taken up learning about vineyards and making wine. Does anyone see a trend here?

Coming home from my ride. Dennes, overlooking Chateau Vufflen. Lake Geneva and the Alps in the background.

A few other hobbies include ball room dancing (I even competed a little bit about 87 years ago),  yoga (I still practice), jewelry design and domain name collection. Yes, you read that right. It’s very sad. I have a sickness. I buy domain names and never use them. I have more domain names than I do shoes. It’s Gen-X’s version of baseball card collecting.  I own various versions of “SibeVibe” and “Formosan Dog” domain names as well as several yoga-themed URLs such as “Living Asana.”

I mainly buy them because I think they’re great names and would sell easily.  But I never get around to actually selling them. I have a few that I plan to keep for sentimental reasons. But I think it’s time I sell some, such as the dog domain names, some of the yoga names and ” theburnersystem.com.” The Burner System was yet another hobby–a single girl’s hobby–that I had well-before I met Mr. Wild Dingo. I bought the domain name because a few of my girlfriends had the hobby too and tried to persuade me to write a book about it. That never happened, so it should go.


Closer view of the Chateau, the lake, and the snow-covered mountains. Yes it really is this green and blue here.

The only thing worse than the domain names I collect are the hobbies that I collect. They are so numerous, that I wondered if being a professional hobbyist was my new career path.  Just how much do professional hobbyist make? As I was hatching my new career plan and trying to figure out how to break it to Mr. Wild Dingo, I snapped up the domain name theprofessionalhobbyist.com. I told you it was a sickness.

Then I Googled “professional hobbyist,” hoping to find someone who did this for a living.  I didn’t get much: a facebook page, a Wikipedia page on “hobby” and a link to Ghost Hunting as a hobby-turned-profession. Hm. Ghost hunting. Now that sounds like fun…

It’s a vicious circle, my life.

La Dolce Vita
Tempting Fate

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