“Come a little closer Dollface, so I can get my kicks every-which way bitey.”

Don’t be fooled readers. Juno brought this on. She flirted with this sweet gentle giant for quite some time.

“I don’t think so handsome. With my sick Sibe moves, you’ll be cashin’ in all your checks.”

The cracker on the other hand had a couple of friendly rumbles with him earlier.

“It gives me a large charge when cute dames play hard to get.”
“Hold on to your jodhpurs Cupcake, Daddy-O will send him to the end!”
“Save it Big Boy. This chick’s gonna breeze.”

“What do you think of the stack up of these husky biters, stud?”
“Princess, stick with me, you’ll come on tide.”

We met this sweet, very well-behaved GSD who was with his yorkshire terrier sibling and his owner. His owner was so happy to have a couple of delinquents fitness trainers, to exercise his GSD. Though he was surprised to see a husky off leash and not flipping me the paw. 

“Hey Hipster, that chick is locked up in this direction, so just cut out while  your conk is all in one portion.”
“Loki, you’re steppin on your motor just to hear your own roar.”

Loki had a few rumbles with the big boy but Juno was surprisingly flirtatious and tried many times to play with him. Naturally this just pissed off Loki who had to horn in on all the action.

“Tip-Top Daddy.  But are you tough enough to swap punches with a power shovel?”
“You’d better take your flaps off or you’ll take off.”

Poor Loki. He’ll do anything to get a big dog to chase him.

“Princess, you’d better vamoose. The boys need to take this discussion outside.”
“Dollface, is he for real? Do you really live with this cracker?”
“I know! Right? It doesn’t take much to motivate his piechopper.”

Sometimes it’s so nice to find like-minded folks who actually appreciate the cracker’s obnoxious play style.

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