“That’s right, Elmer! We’re on a big hunt for bad-ass twuffles! And I’m the one who’ll twack ’em for you!”

It’s truffle hunting season and on a forest walk you will sometimes find people hunting for mushroom delights. So what was this guy doing with a rifle? Turns out game hunting season is next month, but they are merely tracking game now. As we passed we asked if it was safe to walk. He assured us it was and no hunting was actually going on. Sylvie, a frequent forest hiker with her beagle Mona, had numerous conversations with the hunters in Fribourg on the safety of hiking the forest during hunting season. They assured her that dogs were always safe especially if they and their people wore the required orange and stuck to the trails. Never had there been a hunting accident with a dog. But there had been some with humans. Well, that makes me feel so much better!

“Princess, is this a truffle? It sure looks scary.”
“Awe, Big Boy. That’s no truffle. Truffles are tougher, and they run a lot faster. A husky is the only one who can hunt and catch a truffle.”

“I’ll hunt truffles for you Mom! No problem!  I’ll chase ’em down and kill ’em for you!”

Limits and Liberties

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