Oct 192012

“Hi ya Sweetstuff! You sure are cute!”

While yesterday’s post pointed out how dogs recognize their own breed, today’s post recognizes that you just can’t help who you fall for. Gun, the Tervuren, had a special interest in Juno.

“You’re not bad yourself but lets see if you’re Husky enough for me!”
“Just what I thought! My type of gal!”

“Cupcake, I sure like a lady with some curves.”
“Gun, you’re smart. And a real gentleman—not a barbarian, like somepup I know.”

When Gun wasn’t romping with the others, he was keeping pretty close tabs on Juno. He sure was smitten with my kitten!

“Lady Juno, you shouldn’t go into the forest without protection. I will follow you!”
“Sigh. You’re sweet but you obviously aren’t familiar with the feminist movement. Or Huskies for that matter.”

And for a split second, he and Juno separate. But not for long.

“Princess, anyone ever tell you you have the nicest set of jodhpurs?”
“Everyday, Pretty Boy. Skinny is highly overrated.”

  7 Responses to “Voluptuous is the New Skinny”

  1. Juno, you’ve got it goin on, girl!

  2. Juno, who can blame him for being smitten with you? You’re adorable!

  3. *SIGH!*

    Now I’m missing The Handsome Duke of Destrukhtion from EP MN!

    Tervie Boys are SOOOOO hot!

    Just sayin’


  4. What a gorgeous pair!


  5. It’s the complementary and complimentary floofy tails that make this match!

  6. Miss Juno, I envy that guy, I really do.


  7. The Belgian-Siberian connection. Love it!

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