Ode to a Scarecrow

 A poem by Mr. Wild Dingo

Dauntless flew young scarecrow blue
Unfettered he, from sac set free

Fearless into trouble’s jaws
While wild scrambled monster’s paws

Beauty’s yellow eyes not pleased
O’er that which trouble’s jaws hath seized

Tattered now brave hero’s breast
Soon be he empty, soon he’ll rest

Of whitest mettle thus freed
And brave end, sadly be decreed

I See London, I see France...


  1. This poem… this utterly gut-wrenching epic verse on modern life has touched me to my very core. Well done Mr. Wild Dingo.

  2. I think I am crying a little. Such a very brave stuffie to die so suddenly, so violently. And what of Juno? Surely as a spectator she holds as much responsibility for the demise of the hapless scarecrow as Loki jaws of doom does.

    Lovely post. Perhaps MWD can be a guest more often.

    Mango Momma

  3. Barkless…utterly barkless…what talent…what literary genius!!!!! AND WHAT A STUFFIE DESTRUCTION…..

    Scruffy, Lacie and Stan bow due east across the Pond.

    Brilliant…pawsitively brilliant!!!!!

  4. Me thinks MWD reads way too much epic poetry. (I was waiting for the wine-dark seas…) But the accompanying photographs make me think of the Iliad with pictures! 😀 Heehee. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever read such a dramatic description of the death of a stuffie. Way to go, MWD!

    – Dr. Liz, who read Beowulf as a child, which probably explains a great deal 😉

  5. I agree, we need more poetry from MWD! Now I have to make sure that a certain pair of Shepherd eyes don’t see this and get ideas about my slippers!

  6. Wonderful! You are as talented at stuffie kills as Teka Toy. What an accomplishment.

    Oh, and the muzzer says the poen was fine

    gus n teka

  7. Oh no, Mr. Bill! Mr. Bill!

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