Sometimes, we’ll be hiking along, minding our own darn business when we spot two interlopers hanging out on our path. We do our best to be polite and ignore them, but they hiss and say nasty things to us.

“Princess, those birds are so rude. I don’t even want to look!”
“Nonsense Big Boy! This is Switzerland. You have trail rights too!”

Besides, they have a very beautiful, clear lake they can pop into to avoid having to say polite “Bonjours” to us.

Traitors! Look at those people feeding those mean birds as if they’ve been besties all their life. And yes, that’s a wee terrier who walked right up to those swans, who seemed to recognize the family and came out of the water for a hand-fed snack. Interspecies friendship is just so Swiss.

“I don’t know. Sure feels like someone’s watching me. If I don’t look, it isn’t really there.”

“So when are you gonna give me permission to go fetch tonight’s dinner mom? After all, you keep telling me I should learn how to swim.”

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Fitting In


  1. I would never be able to ignore two of those in my path!


  2. You know, this time my money isn’t on the cracker and the criminal to come out on top… Those swans can be pretty nasty!

  3. Hehehe. This reminds me of an incident with my old Airedale. He chased a swan into a lake and came bounding out quite full of himself. Meanwhile, I saw the swan doing a slow turn in the water and silently paddle towards shore. Soon enough, the swan comes charging out of the water, sneaks up behind Angus and chases that poor dale into the woods. The “WTF” expression on Angus’s face as he zoomed by me was priceless.

    Mango Momma

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