By the end of this week, we’ll be living back at our home in California. I’m looking forward to things like the dog door, soft water, reverse osmosis drinking water, Mexican food, Japanese food, clothes shopping, stores open at reasonable hours and my old yoga studio. Not to mention food labels in English and not having to panic every time I need to use the phone to call a handy man.

So why does my heart feel so bad?
Mr. Wild Dingo and I are sad beyond belief to leave Switzerland. It’s hard to leave a place that has not only healed me, mind, body and spirit, but has brought us both so much needed clarity. And we’ve made many friends—some I hope lifelong. The truth is, living here has opened doors for us professionally, socially and culturally.  It’s opened our eyes to opportunities we never even considered and our hearts to what’s really important. It’s given us new focus for our future and renewed goals. While we’re looking forward to going home to California, we’re also committed to paying attention to how we want to live and enjoy the rest of our life. And that means much more travel and adventures await all four of us.

Change is hard. But we can’t go wrong with any of these open doors.

Here are some of our favorite memories of our two years in Switzerland.


On y va!
Once in a Lullaby

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