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“Seriously? This is the first thing you took out of storage?”

It’s been long enough. Loki and Juno’s fans await their adventure. This crown was last thing packed for storage (I have no idea why) and the first thing I found when the movers came to move our things out of storage.

“Does this crown make my ears look big?”

I have lots to share of their flight over, but I’m to my ears (and Loki’s ears) in boxes. And we haven’t even received our air shipment nor our sea shipment yet. But for now, we’ll return to business as usual: mocking the cracker and the criminal.

“Every mockery has its price. I will get your precious Danskos. One pair at a time.”

“Princess, that sure sounds serious. I’m glad I’m not a Dansko!”

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  1. Si Juno était un loup, son regard dans le troisieme photo voudrait dire “Maman, vous cherchez de gros ennuis…”

  2. Come on, fess up Wild Dingo mom! You wear the crown around all the time while giving orders to Mr. Wild Dingo, Juno, and Loki.

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, if only I had a tiara like that! That is FANTASTIC!

  4. Juno’s look is priceless..Or in your case “pricey” since I know the cost of Dansko’s since I have a few pairs myself.
    Happy Unpacking!!

  5. Messing with dogs is always a nice stress reliever. I just hope that Juno doesn’t exact too dire a revenge. Her evil stare kind of sent a shiver down my spine.

    Mango Momma

  6. I have to ask the same question – that’s the first thing that you took out of storage? Tee hee! I see the empty house… well, at least you have the crown!

  7. Loki’s such a good sport, even when you mock him. Now Juno, on the other paw, lets woo know what she thinks of your actions with a mere look, giving woo time to reconsider… Which is a good idea.

    Jak & Moo

  8. hahahahah Juno’s face in that second picture cracks me up. I picture Juno with that McKayla Maroney “not impressed” smirk. haahaha

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