The first thing Lyme disease does to you is take away your power. I’m taking it back.  
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Fact: There is no place in the body that the pathogen causing Lyme disease cannot live and damage. It can be in the muscles, joints, kidneys, liver, endocrine glands, GI, heart, lungs, central and peripheral nervous system and even the brain. This kind of unending pain and torture can make you feel powerless.

The above shot and caption was my last post for Lyme Disease Awareness Month on Social Media and for the Lyme Disease Challenge. I’ll be posting a re-cap of all that info later but here’s where I’m at in my own Lyme disease treatment progress.  Mr. Wild Dingo did the photo shoot for me because I couldn’t shoot and wiggle into a yoga pose quickly enough, so here are a few funny outtakes as well.

I’ve been making HUGE gains in early May, with a change to a Paleo diet plus weekly infrared sauna sweating, I nearly eliminated all my joint and connective tissue pain. But I had a huge Neuro-Lyme set back late May. The symptoms started quite sneakily at first, with phantom smells, random clumsiness, insomnia, tinnitus, memory loss, brain fog, spaciness and light headaches in the evening. It then bloomed into full on blinding migraines. One night was so terrifying, if I hadn’t known that I have Lyme disease I would have gone to the ER. But with immune deficiency, the ER is the last place on the planet I should be, so I waited it out, fell asleep at 4 a.m. and called my doctor.

She promptly put me back on Bicillin shots and within 24 hours my headache was gone but all my joint tissue pain was back!

Now you may think: “Awe damn!” But this is great news. I was able to connect the dots. My joint/tissue pain is NOT pathogen, but toxin from dead pathogen or the drug itself. It means I have some relative control over the amount of tissue pain I have to endure to continue treatment.

I can’t go anywhere without these two. Loki insisted on being on my mat. The lighting is horrid. I look like a certain orange presidential candidate. Nothing I could do to fix the bad lighting. 

I saw my doctor the next week. And though it seems like a huge set back, when you live in a body ravaged by pathogens that thrived for 8 years, you know all the symptoms and side effects of treatment. You begin to really understand just exactly what symptom is caused by what pathogen or toxic die off. The migraines and neurological symptoms were definitely pathogen, not toxin-related, as my body felt great for once. But it was a new type of pain in my head. My old migraines felt like ice picks in my forehead. This new pain was more top of the head feeling of exploding and tons of pressure. I couldn’t move my body for hours otherwise I really felt my head would explode.

That helped a lot in narrowing down what it could be and it turns out that this is definitely not so much Lyme or even Babesia but more Bartonella. In the back of my mind, I always felt we didn’t go after the Bartonella hard enough. So it will be 3 weeks of a new IV drug that targets Lyme and Bartonella. This makes this drug #44 in the grand tally of drugs that I’ve taken. But who’s counting?

I love this shot with Juno photo bombing me. But Mr. Wild Dingo is all, “Too much boobies. You can’t post this on Facebook.” So I didn’t. But I’m posting it here, for all 8 of my readers!

By now I’m really familiar with the Lyme drill: kill the pathogen, fill your body with toxins from die off and the toxin of the drug itself, feel like shit until you detox all the toxins. I have a bunch of detox protocols on hand such as Alka Seltzer Gold + liposomal glutathione, all my detox supplements for the liver, gall bladder and kidneys and a weekly infrared sauna sweat. If those don’t work, I’ll shoot for adding in IV glutathione. Because there’s just no point to making myself feel too much worse if I don’t have to and after 3 years, I know how my body detoxes and what works. That’s the journey every Lyme disease victim faces. It’s an unraveling puzzle of what’s causing the pain (pathogen or toxin) and how to re-balance the body into homeostasis.

Apparently, Juno is not impressed with my yoga power. She’s practically rolling her eyes. My expression is all from the bitter taste of Lime and Lyme. For reals. The yoga feels good. Though I have to admit, up until a few days ago, I could only wriggle into that pose on one side. Happy to report the left hip has opened up and I can do both both sides. Juno remains unimpressed. 

Seriously Internet. I feel really confident. It sucks to stay on drugs but I’d rather be where I’m at than where I was in 2010 full of pain with no hope, no knowledge and no power. I’m taking back my power!  You just wait and see!

Happy Loki-versary!
Chilean Sea Bass

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