I’m so lucky to have two nurses during IVIG treatment. One to take my vitals and one to supervise the nurse!


The cracker inspects everything concerning his mom, even the blood pressure cuff.


He’s conflicted. He likes Bob, but he’s unsure of his intentions or of him touching me. He shows it by getting close, inspecting, and making sure I am not in pain or being bothered.

The last few years, Loki’s been extremely protective of me. He will show his concern whenever a non-pack person shakes my hand or hugs me by getting in close or trying to break it up. I love this about him.


Nurse Bob is fantastic with both Loki and Juno. In fact, he brings his own little helper “Joanna” a small poodle who visits while he does my infusion. Loki adores her, sniffing and wagging at her, but she rebukes him, “You are a barbarian!” Sigh. Poor Loki can’t get a break with the little cutie pie.

The IVIG seems to be the thing to be helping me the most these days. For 2 weeks following my infusion, I will be almost a normal person, capable of running multiple errands plus a dog walk and a yoga practice all in one day! As the weeks go by and I get closer to my next infusion, my energy drains. I’ll have 4 or 5 good days then 2 bedridden/sofa-surfing days.


Let’s just say “NetFlix and Chill” has a whole different meaning in a Lymie’s home compared to the millennial meaning.

I’ve also been nursing a shoulder injury. An MRI shows arthritis and bursitis which doctors say is likely due to being bed ridden so long in fetal position then trying to get back into my old yoga routine. My left shoulder is so far internally rotated I tried to jump back into all sorts of arm balances without balanced strength in my trapezoids (back muscles) which led to all sorts of bad stuff.  So I’ve been avoiding all weighted arm exercises (but still practice yoga almost daily) and I’m seeing a functional movement chiropractor and physical therapist. He’s done some Graston technique on my shoulder and arm which will make most people cringe. It’s damn painful. But I laugh in the face of pain! Lyme disease has prepared me for all  kinds of pain. In fact, I talk all the way through the Graston therapy, which just amuses the doctor. That therapy, painful as it is, helps as well.


Every Friday night I have a hot date, like literally, with the Far Infrared Sauna at a local spa.  Like most people, I used to celebrate Friday nights intoxicating with a glass or two of wine with friends. Now I spend every Friday alone, detoxifying in a sauna, not out of luxury but a real medical necessity. The ironies of Lyme disease never stop. But I can’t believe how much this is aiding me. Nine times out of ten, I will always feel like a million bucks after spending 30-45 minutes in a FIR sauna. For those reading this who want a few tips: hydrate like crazy before your session and shower off fast with cool water to close your pores and wash off the toxins that just came out.


Last Friday, I felt so good after my sauna, I actually had a glass of wine! It’s odd, I love wine. I mean, I really, love wine.  Almost as much as chocolate. But since I’ve been treating Lyme disease, I have not had any desire for it except on rare occasions. I guess my liver is feeling less taxed to have had a real desire for a glass of Primitivo. Damn, next time I’m opening a Barolo if I’m going to be limited to only one glass. As I always say about wine, healing and life: go big or go home!


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