Is this drop in focus? I can’t tell.

It took a week for my new Lyme disease medication to arrive. It had to be compounded. I’d been relegated to the sofa. Headaches and vision problems have been, well, a problem for being able to function or focusing the lens of a camera. It’s embarrassing to process new photos.

“Vision problems are a part of aging,” they all say. Reading glasses? Yup, that’s sure is a sign of aging. But vision, near and far, through an opaque blanket of milk doesn’t seem like optic aging. Doctor concurred and issued a new treatment. So, I waited. It’s like Christmas, but for Lymies.

It arrived on Wednesday before Thanksgiving so naturally I took my first dose (1x per week) on Thanksgiving. And I herxed for two days. Then I had a few nice days before I started having symptoms again, as predicted. And this Thursday I took my second dose. 


My typical herxheimer reaction to any new treatment is debilitating fatigue—which is a nice change from being awake 24/7 for days on end from the disease itself.

So, while I was sleeping, I dreamed I was so tired, I couldn’t get out of bed, but dragged myself out for a 3:00 pm meeting at work. (I haven’t worked for the man in years.) My boss in the dream happened to be one of my Lyme doctors. She calls me into her office and tells me they’re having layoffs and that all the new people will be laid off including me. I’m all, “Oh good! Can I go back to bed now?”

Then I woke up. It was 9 a.m. Not only am I now dreaming about herxing in my sleep, but I think my subconscious is telling me that I’m getting laid off from Lyme disease soon. That’d be nice.

Seeing Red
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