“Oh mom! Santa Paws left us a little something!”

I know. I know. I am late in informing all three of my readers of the cracker and the criminal’s holidays. Let’s just say, if I stay in bed any longer, it will be a permanently attached part of my anatomy. Screw Lyme.

“Yup. That’s Santa Pawsey, alright. And it has Loki’s name on it! I guess I was good boy all year!”

It is always a joy to see the dogs react when the holiday decorations go up. They sniff and smell everything for the first day, anticipating the arrival of Santa Paws. Then when the day arrives, Loki is first on the scene and points out that his stocking is full, and to please give it to him immediately.

“Pop, stop holding back. Santa Paws left those for us.”

Pay no attention, readers, to Mr. Wild Dingo’s fashion forward trend of hat, scarf, heavy sweater and…. flip flops! What can I say? It’s Northern California. I’m not a flip flop person myself. In fact, I rarely wear them even in summer. But Mr. Wild Dingo likes his feetie feets footlose and fancy-free. Juno still enjoys coveting said flip flops when she’s feeling ignored or underappreciated. But thankfully, Santa Paws has that covered this day.

A stocking full of treats, fattening cows and pigs ears (the only time of year they get them), toys and cookies.

Loki also got a new blanket. He prefers blankets to toys these days and enjoys playing tug with them or ripping holes in them. Nothing is more adorable than seeing him go to the ottoman where his blanket is stored and pull it off, offering it to visitors. They’re always amused and perplexed until I tell them, “It’s his blanket, he’s allowed.” And boy does he know the difference! He won’t touch any pillow or blanket but his own. Juno on the other hand, well, she owns everything and we’d better not sass her about things she decides to shred.

Santa left this in my stocking with a note. “You owe me big,” he wrote.  I must be in the red when it comes to my nice stock account. Or maybe that’s my naughty account. I can’t tell. The lines between naughty and nice are very blurred in this house. The criminal gets adored when she destroys things after all. In our house, we just go with the flow.

I have yet to use the lens. It’s a super heavy telephoto lens for nature. I had planned to use the holiday break to finally sit down and clean my camera (sensor and chamber). Camera stores that offer cleaning are much too far away from me so I have to do it myself. I had researched and purchased quality products and opted for the “dry clean” brushes thinking it would be a 1 in a million chance of getting anything oily or liquid inside the chamber. But I forgot that Murphy’s Law follows me around like a dark cloud. The brush worked well but I managed to make a smudge on the sensor. I’m guessing it happened when I used the brush to try to pull out a loose strand stuck in the side of the chamber, and likely got some lubricant on the tip of the brush from the crevice that the dust strand was stuck in. (I am assuming that canon uses lubricant between parts of the camera that meet.)  Likely the lubricant was on the brush ends. I was mortified. So I had to order a “wet cleaning” kit from the same company which is located in Canada and takes a week to get to me. So no, I have not used the lens yet. I refuse to try using it on my back up camera. The lens is much heavier than my back up camera!

All of this is moot. I’ve literally been in bed most of the holidays as I think I am having a Babesia relapse. I started having dizzy spells, unable to stand up for long periods, unable to focus, write, read or even watch TV. Then I started having breathing problems. All typical Babesia. So I called my doctor and she put me on the weakest medication for Babesia. I stopped treating Babesia a year ago and now it’s back, albeit at a very much lower level than the first time around. It took months to figure out that it was Babesia because it came on so subtly and slowly. It wasn’t until the breathing symptom showed up that I made the connection. I feel exhausted every day no matter how little I do, which is not much. At least it’s raining non stop. It makes me feel less guilty about not walking the dogs. In fact, they pretty much just hang with me in the bedroom all day.

If I’m going to be stuck in bed, raining cold days are the time to do it! And people tell me I’m a cynic!

Happy New Year readers! Thanks for sticking with me this year!

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