It’s National Puppy Day! Here’s Loki, aka: The Cracker, when he was just a wee thing in Taiwan, sometime in 2007. Even as a puppy, his penetrating eyes impart a heartbreaking story of abandonment, fear, anxiety and a desperation to find *his* person—one who spoke his language so many before misunderstood—to whom he’d gift his unending loyalty and affection. It took me a while to become fluent in the Cracker’s language, but I did. Now we’re connected forever. He grew into those magnificent ears, which now stand up proudly and not only serve as his mojo but are quite literally responsible for saving us from a house fire in the middle of the night. I trust him completely with our safety. Many undervalued dogs can be found in rescue.

This is the closest puppy photo I have of Juno, though she’s a year old here. This little criminal stole my heart the day I laid eyes on her. Never a dull moment with Juno around. She has a long rap sheet of her crimes of mastication including: countless danskos, several flip flops, purses, trash cans, magazines, books, glasses, postal mail, my passport (yes the dog ate my passport Mr. Consulate), our landscaping plans, boots, plastic bottles, dental floss, toilet paper, office files, yoga clothes, yoga blocks, yoga mats, yoga magazines (she obviously doesn’t think much of yoga), computer wires in original box, pillows, blue masking tape, and wait for it… my mini cooper seats. That last crime took her less than 5 minutes to commit. Like I could love this dog any less for her transgressions. Do you know what kind of punishment Mr. Wild Dingo dishes out when (not “if”) she commits a crime? Steak dinners. What can I say? We’re soft on criminals. Especially when they are this adorable.

Adopt! Don’t Shop!

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