Life is is filled with infinite choices. With  Lyme disease, your choices are ruthlessly limited. I’m always measuring how many matches are in my book and deciding on how to use them. I don’t get to cram in as much as a normal person can in a day. Instead, I basically have to choose one or two activities per day. And that’s better than most people with Lyme can do. The upside is, I can blame Lyme disease for the laundry piling up. 

Saturday, I walked the dogs and half way through my walk, I phoned home. I couldn’t make the 1.5 mile walk home, let alone do the garden chores I had planned for later. Typical Babesia symptoms: dizziness, nausea, balance problems, headache and difficulty breathing. I could barely stand up. MWD picked up the dogs and me. Later, I spent the remainder of the day on the sofa looking out at a beautiful sunny day. I longed to be working in the garden. Sunday, MWD walked the dogs for me so I could use my few matches to garden. I moved about 20 tiny succulent plants to the orchard rock wall, seeded the flower beds and pulled weeds. It took me all day, with plenty of resting in between, but I got most of the chores done. Today, I’m sore and hung-over. It feels like I ran a marathon then drank 3 bottles of wine. Blaming the piled-up-laundry on Lyme seems about fair now.

I planted chives last summer. They struggled so badly, always looking brown and sad no matter how I watered them. I left them in the ground through the winter rather than pulling them just to see what happened. I guess they really love being poured on because they look fantastic now, bushy, green and lush. They even have these adorable wee buds. Their story of their struggle and now vibrant life give me hope. Lyme-Schlyme. My chives are awesome. Lyme don’t kill my vibe!

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