Poor Javier. He found himself on top of the backside of the outdoor love seat. He scrambled back and forth looking for a way down for better hunting grounds. Jumping spiders are active hunters and don’t weave webs. Instead, they use a silk tether to leap to their destination or prey. If that leap doesn’t work out, they climb back up. I saw poor Javier jump 3 times off the back of the chair exactly 6″ each time and each time he chickened out going any farther and climbed back up. An impatient subject, he merely tolerated my big lens. For the imposition of capturing his portrait during his distress, I helped him find a better hunting spot in one of my potted plants. I hope he repays me by eating a mosquito or yellow jacket. Bon Appetite Javier!

Monday Morning Bee Like...
Pain is Toxins Leaving the Body

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