In other news, for all those who continue to wonder if Mr. Wild Dingo and I will have a baby, I’m pleased to announce we are expecting!

We’re registered at Baby-Mantids-R-Us. For anyone who wants to knit, I’ll need about 400 pairs of socks and hats. Due date is 3-8 weeks.

We’re hatching two mantid eggs: one outside on the magnolia covered under shade, the other inside in a jar, kind of like an incubator. That’s a damp paper towel for moisture and a custom twig designed by the fashionable and creative Mr. Wild Dingo. We are redefining child labor with our garden sweatshop for working baby mantids, the only sanctioned and morally-approved child labor force in the world!

If you are sick of my lady beetle photos, prepare yourselves for endless baby mantid photos!

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