“Mom! Juicy is touching my feetie-feets! WTF?”
“Chill, Daddy-O. It’s not like it’s gonna kill you to have a little cuddle.”

It’s important to have excellent bedside manners when your Queen comes home from the dogtor and must be comforted for the imposition of having her jodhpurs manhandled. He has the best ears for listening.

“Well, as long as woo don’t move, I’m OK with a short snooze with my feetie-feets impositioned by woo’s lovely jodhpurs.”
“Shut your pie hole, Big Boy, and lets snooze.”

Don’t worry Internet, Juicy is fine. We think she just pinched a nerve. So more PT for her and she’s going back to the water treadmill. I took her off because I had a few bad months. To top it off, I’m too sick and can’t give her the exercise she really needs to keep her muscles built up so we’ll get her back in shape. She’s also on a major diet which should help with the pain and energy. Mr. Wild Dingo is majorly guilty of over-feeding his princess in order to win her praises. What can we say? She charges him a lot for her affection, but he’ll have to give her “scritches” in place of treats for a while. She loves a good ear scritch and Mr. Wild Dingo gives good scritch!

Note: Don’t woo dare comment on the fur on the rug. Juicy is blowing coat and she’s in too much pain for a proper bath or brushing so I’m letting it slide. But she’s letting me use the Rubber Zoom Groom which is helping pull out the plucks at least. She’s safe from the comb—for now. Once she’s feeling better, it’s bath time and a good brushing. Booo wa ha ha ha!

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