It cracks me up when people recognize me from my dogs. I’ve met some fantastic people this way as well! The cracker and the criminal are Internet celebs. I’m just their agent. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Still, if they ever get their own star on a walk of fame, I’ll demand a raise.

Here Loki and Juno take a little breather before partaking in squirrel pursuits! Juno is already planning her escape the human strategy so she can “do whatever she damn well pleases” while Loki is always being “good cop.” I called him off a duck in the creek today, successfully. It was a mere 3 feet away from them. Yes, it stunned me that I could do that. But then I remembered, they are a lot older (sigh) and maybe just a little bit wiser. Nah… just older.

The Complaint Department
Lyme Disease Demolition Crew

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