So this happened yesterday. I’m just as shocked as you all. I’m still being held together by “scotch tape” as I like to refer it. Last week, “something happened” (I’ll spare you the details) that gave my doctors a huge clue as to why I’m not eradicating Babesia and getting better after treating it aggressively. The good news is that Lyme is very much dormant or in remission. I still have tons of vascular problems (POTS/dizzy spells, severe headaches, breathing problems) that alternative therapies (yes, alternative, as in what standard medicine calls “quack”) are helping to control the side effects of the meds and allow me to be a half-normal person. 

It’s been 3 years, but I got out on the bike for a little spin in the ‘hood and I have to say, had a big smile on my face as I rolled down a few rollers in my drops, knees tucked and elbows relaxed. Felt free. Came home with a headache but it was worth it. Next week I begin yet another round of 5 different meds taken in succession for 30 days to address the issue we discovered.

I have no idea if I’ll be able to stay active or be a normal person this month, but it sure was nice to feel almost normal for a day! I’ll take it.  Lyme don’t kill my vibe. And Babesia? It’s going to be my bitch.

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