About Wild Dingo


Wild Dingo is a web blog about living with dogs, yoga, wellness, travel, food, odd trivia and now a bit about Lyme Disease.  If you arrived here looking for marketing communications consulting or web development, please note, I’m  no longer providing those services.

What is it that I actually “do?” I don’t actually “do” anything in the job or career sense of term. But I’ll start with what I did. I have a background in marketing communications, writing, corporate branding and web site development.  Wild Dingo was the business name for my marcom consulting firm.  After building our dream house in Northern California, my husband, my two dogs and I, up and moved to Switzerland in 2010 for three years, where I hoped I could rest and gain some insight into the mysterious health problems that doctors could not explain, yet continued to plague me. In 2012 we moved back to our home in Northern California and it was then, my health declined even further before I found appropriate medical help.

So if I don’t “do” anything for a job what do I do, now, with my time? Above all, I spend my time recovering from Lyme Disease, which was diagnosed in June 2013, after eight years of living with it and its symptoms, undiagnosed. This means, I don’t do very much but walk the dogs, rest at home and cook dinner for Mr. Wild Dingo. When I feel good and my Lyme symptoms are tolerable, I  spend time hiking or biking my dogs, practicing yoga, cooking or writing creatively about living with dogs and Lyme Disease.  I love being outdoors, but I also love to read, write (obviously) and do geeky tech things.  I take a lot of photos and hope to become better at photography through practice. If you really need to define what I “do” or give me a title, you can call me a “professional hobbyist.” All career aspirations have been put on hold until I kick this stupid disease.

If you are interested in hiring me to write something for you, contact me. I may be convinced to write for publication or a gig here and there as it is my passion.

Oh and my name is Julie Starling. My husband’s name is Mr. Wild Dingo.


M.A. Psychology/Health and Wellness -1992
B.A. Psychology/Dance-1990
RYT Registered Yoga Teacher 200-hour -2008
Yoga Practitioner Since 1995
Amateur Dog Walker Since 2001

So What’s the Story the Name Wild Dingo? 

In 2001, Wild Dingo began as a marketing communications consulting business and evolved into Web design and programming. Over the years, I posted a few stories about the  founder, Maggie , a Dingo-Shepherd mix.   Full of piss and vinegar Maggie clearly had her own code of ethics so she was the perfect leader for a home-based small business. She was officious, demanding and barked daily orders. Living and working with Maggie became a discovery of life lessons for happiness.  Loud and seemingly obnoxious, Maggie often claimed, “I’m not evil. I’m just misunderstood.”

After losing Maggie in 2007,  I rescued two dogs in 2008 (Loki and Juno) and continued to publish stories about them to carry on Maggie’s legacy and mission—to live life adventurously and get outdoors every day.

Read the real story about how Wild Dingo began and about Maggie’s legacy.


  Maggie Starling “The Wild Dingo”
August 18, 1993-November 23, 2007