Lifeguard on Duty

In our fountain-pond, we used to have floating flowers so bees and birds could enjoy the water without drowning. Unfortunately, they didn't hold up to the harshness of the winter or changing temperatures. So now I'm a lifeguard. Every night, I fish out one or two bees...

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The Charms of Mountain Living

"Pop, WTH are woo wearing?" There are probably 87,000 reasons why I married this man. His outdoor fashion sense is one of them. He is such a fashionista! A wasp nailed poor, innocent, Loki, who was minding his own business for once, the other day. He was so upset by...

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Everybody Wants to be A DJ

"Hey Arthur! You are growing quickly! What would like to be when you grow up?" "An astronaut. Or maybe a D.J.," he replied. Everybody wants to be a D.J. I just want to be a drummer. Alas! Nobody on social media got my joke. If you listen to tech music, which I...

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They’re Baaaaak!

I was getting a bit worried because last April, we had crickets singing love songs every evening. This year, it's been ominously quiet. But now they are turning up in the Osteospermums by the dozens and they are growing and getting greener every day. Welcome baby...

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Slim Fast

"Of course I'm pleased with myself. Just look at me. I'm perfect."  Juicy has been quite pleased with herself these days. She's slimmed down by 4 lbs since May and 6 lbs since January. I couldn't be more pleased. I am completely at fault for her weight gain. When my...

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Wile E. Coyote in the Fur

"What the heck is your problem," asks Wile E. in response to the cracker yelling HBO words at him. "Alls I'm doin is standing here, minding my own business, looking for that rascally Road Runner. Why all the noise?" One day last week, after our walkies, the cracker...

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I've been a bit bee-hind in posting photos and stories. What can I say? It's hard to stay vertical when you are constantly about to toss your cookies. I took this week off Lyme meds just to catch up all the things happening in the garden's macro world and the cracker...

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Happy Loki-versary!

This weekend marked Loki's 9th year with us and roughly his 10th (maybe 11th) birthday. Time sure flies when you live with a cracker. He's been our greatest teacher, our best friend, our most loyal companion. This is the photo that melted my heart. When I called AHAN,...

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A Life Without Cheeses

The past two weeks, while Mr. Wild Dingo has been on travel, I, Evil Momma, have led Juno off her spiritual Path of Cheeses. This is what we call a “necessary evil” to lose a few pounds. No matter how much she prayed at the sacred altar of Mount Kitchen Island and...

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Lyme Disease Demolition Crew

May is Lyme Disease Awareness month! I've done this Lyme Disease Challenge multiple ways so this year I opted for something other than my boring mugshot with a lime in it. Here my Lyme Disease Demolition Crew Take a Bite out of Lyme.  To the left, the chainsaw hacks...

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