Oct 272014

Thirteen years ago, I married that serious looking fella above.  It was a  little surprising for me to marry such a quiet, contemplative dude, given that I’m basically a loud-mouth Italian. But hey, it works and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t thank my lucky stars that we found eachother.

Aug 252014
Happy Juno-versary!

Last weekend, we all celebrated Juno’s 7th birthday and 6th anniversary with us. Instead of the typical family day with just the four of us, we took a very big hike in the mountains with some friends and dog pals. Juno is nothing if not social. She enjoys the company of other dogs on our […]

May 272014
Happy Loki-versary!

This past weekend we celebrated Loki’s sixth year with us and his seventh birthday.  I could live three lifetimes with Loki and it wouldn’t be long enough to truly understand the complexity of his emotional and behavioral make-up.

Aug 212013
Happy Juno-Versary!

Last weekend, we celebrated Juno’s fifth anniversary of her adoption and her sixth birthday. She’s all grown up now and I couldn’t be prouder. Long time readers may think my problem dog is the cracker, but Juno didn’t come without her own set of issues. And we are not talking about her mastication addiction. In […]

Jun 192013
Happy Loki-versary

Readers, don’t shame me but, it was Loki’s anniversary at the end of May and I plum forgot to post about it. But I have a note from my doctor and it excuses me from being temporarily insane. But that’s another story. This story is about Loki’s fifth year with us, so I thought I’d […]

Oct 272012

Eleven years ago, I married the guy in the photo and it wasn’t for his keen seasonal fashion sense.

Feb 152012
My Old Man

Mr. Wild Dingo turned 50 today. I woke up this morning and kissed him goodbye for work as usual then got and my car and went to my doctor’s appointment. I felt like I was forgetting something. When I got to the office, I remembered that I forgot to tell him “Happy Birthday.” So I […]


Oct 272011

On this day, 10 years ago, Mr. Wild Dingo and I were performing a rumba for 160 people. Ten years ago, when we said “I do,” neither one of us dreamed we’d be living abroad. Our wedding seems like a lifetime ago. The last 3,652 days have been filled with humor, happiness, stress, change, growth and […]

Aug 262011
Happy Juno-versary

Last week we celebrated Juno’s 3rd anniversary of adoption and her 4th birthday! We were coming home from Istanbul so we delayed celebrations until the weekend.

May 312011
He's Come A Long Way, Babies

This weekend we celebrated Loki’s third anniversary with us and his 4th birthday. I’m one of those lame people that combines celebrations. Hey, when everyday is a celebration, who needs to add more, right? The three years have been a tremendous learning curve for all of us. Loki has taught me more than any other […]

Oct 272010

Nine years ago today we tied the knot. Who knew where we’d be going? Who knew we’d rescue these two? Who knew I’d have to buy new shoes every few months? Who knew we’d be living in here in Switzerland? None of this was planned. The best things in life never are. Happy Anniversary Mr. […]

Jun 012010
Happy Loki-versary

Two years ago this weekend, Mr. Wild Dingo and I drove up to the city to adopt Loki. I still remember the mixed feelings I had when I met him. He was much bigger than I had anticipated and he wasn’t even full grown. But his silly personality and his sad beginnings are what sold Mr. […]

Oct 272008
Seven Year Itch

Some say wool or copper is the traditional gift for a 7th year wedding anniversary. Mr. Wild Dingo prefers to make his own tradition and gave me air for our 7 years of marriage. The Ryobi Cordless Leaf Blower, makes my life a “breeze.” And sadly, I’m bit addicted to my new toy.