Jun 012012
Too Much Green and Blue, Not Enough Smog

Mr. Wild Dingo has been complaining a lot lately about the weather. No seriously. He has. Because it looks like this for me every weekday, but the weekends, when he can enjoy the outdoors, it’s been very windy and raining. And it’s not like either of us is immune to being outdoors in bad weather.  [...]

May 292012
Dent de Chien

“You know what they say about big toofs…” Dent de Chien (Dog Tooth) is a perennial herb found in Europe and Asia. It’s latin name “dens-canis” is taken from its elongated bulb, shaped like a white dog tooth.

May 152012
Who is Savadear?

“Who is this Savadear I keep hearing about?” Two years ago, Mr Wild Dingo whispered that very question, which had been burning in his mind for too long, to a Francophone at work. Bemused, the Francophone laughed. “Not ‘Savadear,’  ’Ça veut dire,’” he replied.  The expression literally translates as “it wants to say” but actually means “it means.”

Apr 082012
Creative Suffering

I looked like the total American trying to walk into a Coop Supermarket on Thursday evening at 5:30 p.m. Nothing was open. I should have known better. It was Holy Thursday. Switzerland basically shuts almost down everything from Thursday night to Tuesday morning. So if you’re out of milk, you almost have to suffer for 4 [...]

Mar 282012
Green Machine

Many don’t know this, but Juno is an avid recycler.  She was happy to discover Switzerland’s strict recycling rules, such as separating all plastics, aluminum, glass and cardboard into separate bins. The second week I was here, I made a big faux pas by tossing some used paper towels into the green trash bin without [...]

Feb 262012
Special Clearance

Airplane window view passing over the Alps returning home to Geneva from Crete. On the flight to Crete over the New Year holiday, we flew very low over the Alps. The pilot seemed to circle them and the airline attendants ran around excitedly telling us to look out the window. The pilot flew very low for stunning [...]

Feb 232012
Passage du Loup

“Hey Pop, read the sign above. Your kind isn’t allowed down this alley.” “Princess, something tells me he still can’t read French—or teeth—for that matter.”

Feb 212012
Fairytale Whine

A few of you have asked about the castle in some of the shots I take and post on this blog. I’ve written about it a few times but not in-depth. It’s Vufflens the castle in the municipal called Vufflens Le Chateau, population 781. The castle was built in the middle ages and is unique because it was one [...]

Dec 302011
Wrap Up 2011

As you may know by now, Mr. Wild Dingo and I are vacationing in the Greek Islands over the New Year. The Cracker and the Criminal are spending New Year’s with Switzerland’s rowdiest, coolest doggie spa and Pension pour Chiens sans Cage, Bernard’s Kennel.

Dec 162011
Holy Cr*p That's White!

Do you people know how hard it is to get a shot of the infamous Mont Blanc? Seriously Internet. When we walk by it every day and try to shoot it with a “point and shoot” camera (the only one I take on dog walks), the results are less than fabulous. The snow washes out against the sky [...]

Nov 112011
When Nobody's Looking

Every now and then, they make a break off the path and have a game of tag in the rows of vines. Though I don’t encourage it and certainly call them out of it, I can’t help but laugh when it happens. This time it was too perfect of a set up for a little [...]