Mar 292015
Weekend Wrap Up

Theirs is a complex relationship. Bonded in emotions that range from angst to bliss. She was all wiggles and kisses for the entire weekend when he returned on Friday after two weeks of travel. He walked them both days this weekend for extra one on one time. Monday night when he gets home from work, she will make no […]

Sep 082014
The Big Sulk

“Sigh.  Life’s just not fair.” You may be wondering why Loki is sulking like a child whose mom is making him leave Disneyland before he gets to ride Space Mountain . . . for the tenth time.

Sep 082013

Mr. Wild Dingo had been traveling last week leaving the Husky to feel, well, a little bummed out. You see our nightly routine starts when I prepare their dinner, then I prepare our dinner while Juno sits on the far end of the kitchen fascinated with the food smells. The routine follows up with the […]

Apr 262013
Working Girl

“What was that package that came in the mail today,” asked Mr. Wild Dingo. “Oh that was Juno’s backpack. Her physical torturer therapist, Madam Jenny recommended she carry her own water for hikes.”

Mar 202013
The Economy of Motion

“It’s a shame that Mother Nature did not provide humans with the superior dirt-repelling qualities enjoyed by all Siberians.” As usual, Juno has a point. It’s quite amazing—shocking if you will—how clean she stays for the amount of dirt she gets her furry self into. Siberians may be long furred but they stay unusually clean […]

Mar 162013
Made in the Shade

Juno has a way of letting everyone know that it’s time for a rest. She’s very good at asking politely. Who could refuse that face? And who could refuse such a great idea?

Feb 052013
Whistling Dixie

“Daddy-O, I don’t know what mom means by “fast.” These last few weeks, she’s been nothing but slow and boring.” “Cupcake, you ain’t whistlin’ Dixie. She hasn’t even given my chompers a proper bitin’ workout! How do you think a hep-cat like me keeps his smile sparkling white?”

Jan 142013
Girly Man

“Aw, Mom. I really hate this girly skirt you make me wear on cold days. I will only wear it in the woods where nobody can see me and not in town where all the cool dogs are.”

Dec 172012
Whatever it Takes

It isn’t easy being Mr. Wild Dingo. Because, I’m not so good with acronyms.  Or names. Or numbers. He’s always interpreting Wild Dingo-speak. Whenever I ask for the can of W4, Mr. Wild Dingo always replies “W4, WD40 whatever it takes.”

Dec 092012
Nobody's Perfect

This is as close to truffle hunting as I’m going to get for a long time. We found this gorgeous ‘shroom in our dog garden. From the top it looked hideous so I picked it. I flipped it over and immediately felt sad for picking it. 

Nov 302012
Bully Stick Therapy Fail

It’s been raining torrential downpour for two days now. We braved a walk yesterday and came home soaked to the bones. Loki begged several times to turn around, while Juno lobbied for a long walk. She’s happy outside, no matter the weather. Loki is much more affected by it and isn’t happy inside or out. […]

Nov 262012
There Goes the Neighborhood

“Our neighbors are pigs,” said Mr. Wild Dingo. Now, we’ve lived in Santa Cruz mountains for many years and have had our fair share of neighbors with questionable habits such as decorating their garden with Budweiser cans or solving their leaking roofs with a blue tarp, every winter, year after year.   As attractive as those blue […]