Sep 222012
If She Only Knew

Mona, the beagle, gazes adoringly at the tall-eared, dark and handsome fella. She dreams of spending quiet evenings alone with her gallant knight. Love is blind. Juno would be happy to unload him for a few days. If she only knew.

Aug 202012
Role Model

“When I grow up I want to be just like Loki.” “You’d better start doing something about those ears and cranking up the cracker little fella.”

Aug 192012
Puppy Fix

Aslan’s mom, Marita, and her daughter Elenor, invited me to attend Aslan’s puppy class. OMG, like I’m gonna pass up the opportunity for all that puppy breath and puppy shenanigans?

Aug 082012
Meeting Aslan

Since we arrived in the ‘hood, Ludwig and his two sisters have been asking their parents for a dog. Marita, Ludwig’s mom and mother of two girls, plus 2 pet rabbits, had grown up on a farm and knew the responsiblity of a dog was heavy. All of her children are accomplished in school and various activities […]

Jan 232011
Siberian Justice

Earlier this month, Mr. Wild Dingo and I spent some time with visiting friends, touring as many of Switzerland’s attractions as possible. On one of the days we visited Chillon Castle, a historic monument in Montreaux that was constructed under several periods in history: the Savoy (11th century), the Bernese era (16th century) and the Vaudois […]

Nov 302010
More Snow Funballs

While Wild Dingo’s personal photographer, TravelMarx, are excellent at taking photos, they have fallen below average in downloading the most recent to Wild Dingo’s computer.  So while they’re doing some boring, fascinating tour of some Nuclear & Partical Physics Lab in Geneva, (yawn), I’m posting the rest of the photos from our weeked of funballs time […]

Nov 282010
Yup! We Remember These Dudes

It took 3.5 seconds for Loki and Juno to recognize the TravelMarx. When I opened the door to let the dogs in to greet them, Marc leaned down half way to pet Juno, she lept in the air and met him half way, planting a Siberian kiss smack on his face. It made me melt. […]

Nov 262010
American Visitors

“Hey Princess, Mom says the TravelMarx are coming to visit. Do you remember them?” “Sure I do, Big Boy. They visited us last year and stayed with us when Mom and Pop deserted us for a week.” “They took us on nice hikes.”‘ “And played tug with me every minute of the day! Sigh. They […]

Apr 082010
When Princess Ella Ruled

Last month Wild Dingo had a special visitor stay for a few days: Princess Ella and her folks. Loki and Juno have met plenty of children in public but never had any to the house and never one so small. I admit, I was a bit worried about an accidental pet-child injury since either dog […]

Dec 222009
True Love?

Last week this little guy came to visit with his dad who was working on our outdoor masonary project : “Hello! My name is True. And I will be your mason today. “