Lyme Disease is the Fastest Growing Infectious Disease

Lyme Disease is a growing epidemic and drastically underfunded. Learn why and how you can help with a tax deductible donation to ILADS!

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Here for a Canine Laugh?

Check out Juno’s latests mastication crimes!

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Unfurling Flower of Wellness

It’s Lyme Disease Awareness Month Peeps! I’ll be posting lots of educational and fun posts related to Lyme disease on Social media and a little on this blog. I thought I’d share an update of my progress along with a macro shot of an unfurling flower... read more

Husky Garden Humor

“I think therefor, I Yam,” laughs Juno as she mocks my plans for a vegetable garden this year. “Hard work doesn’t harm anyone, but I do not want to take any chances.” Juno bestows her garden work ethic as she seistas between the magnolia... read more


“Cracker’s Log 0062016. The humans call this a sabbatical. I’m not allowed to work or patrol the property. I may as well not be allowed to... read more

BioMat is the New Drug

“Cracker’s Log 0022016. I made it through the harrowing night. It was touch and go as I didn’t have all of my cracker faculties, but I was able to whine and pace the bed room enough times to convince the human to leave the comfort of her bed and take... read more

Crackers are not Bulletproof

Loki and I had butterflies as we waited for him to be admitted on Thursday morning. His surgery went well. By 3:00 the doctor called me and said he behaved very well before surgery for all the ladies and the doctor. It was a completely torn cruciate ligament. His... read more

TPLO for the Cracker

Well, it’s official. The cracker has actually torn his cruciate ligament and not just strained it. I think early on it was hard to tell because he’d get better at times. But I had a feeling it would go this way. We’ve been trying to ice it to keep... read more

New Sprout in our Vegetable Bed

Oh Look! Our new vegetable bed sprouted a husky and we didn’t even plant any seeds! Mr. Wild Dingo warned me not to water it because “the last thing we need is more huskies.” Don’t worry Internet, I already offered Juno a pair of his flip-flops... read more

Spring Cleaning

“Hey Big Boy, Mom says after our walkies she’s gonna give you a bath. But not me. Because I’m a husky. And huskies are awesome and don’t need baths because our furs reject dirt and so we’re never dirty.” “Princepessa,... read more


It’s been roughly 36 months since I started treatment for Lyme disease. I was 36 years old when symptoms first appeared and 11 years later, I’m still battling it. Here are the stats to-date: 8 Years misdiagnosed 12 Doctors who missed the diganosis 36... read more

Inky Caps

I know, I never write anymore. I could have fallen off the face of the earth or better yet, suddenly recovered from Lyme disease and got on a plane to Aruba for some much needed vacation. I could only dream. The weather’s been cray-cray here lately Internet.... read more

He’s a Banana Head with Cracked Out Moves

Big Sigh of Relief! X-rays and vet exam show the cracker (who’s been nursing a back leg owie for weeks) does NOT have a torn cruciate ligament, nor does he have arthritis, bone cancer or any bone fragmentation. Whatever Loki’s doing to his back leg via his... read more

Tough Love

“Hey Big Boy! Whatchya doin’ with that crackery thing on your noggin?” The criminal not only photobombs the cracker but as usual, tries to intrude upon his morning meditations. “Hey Juicy.  I’m just chill-axin my chakras. Why you gotta go... read more

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