Lyme Disease is the Fastest Growing Infectious Disease

Lyme Disease is a growing epidemic and drastically underfunded. Learn why and how you can help with a tax deductible donation to ILADS!

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Here for a Caninie Laugh?

Check out Juno’s latest mastication stories.

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Take a Bite out of Lyme Disease!

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Risks and Priorities

 153/365 “Princess, before you leap into the weekend, I have to patrol the trail to make sure it’s safe.” “Nonsense Big Boy! Haven’t you heard? Life is all about the risks! Let’s go for it! That is, after Mom gives us that treat she promised for waiting for her.”... read more

The Grevillea

The Grevillea 151/365 Grevillea, also known as the Spider Flower, is in the family Proteaceae and native almost exclusively to Australia (with a few exceptions found in New Caledonia, New Guniea and Indonesia). There are about 360 species of this evergreen species and... read more

The Secret to His Crack-a-Tude

149/365 “You think it’s funny seeing a tough guy with a security blanket?” “Let me tell you something. The mojo? It comes from my ears.” “The courage and the crack-a-tude? That comes from some sweet snuggle time with my own personal... read more


A few weeks ago, Venus and Jupiter were very close to each other and photographers all over were shooting the two planets next to the moon. I wasn’t shooting then. I didn’t have the right equipment I’d need to get the shot I would want, plus I... read more

Sunday Herxes

It’s been a strange week. After a visit with my doctor, we are giving one last-ditch effort to get rid of the Babesia for good. It’s been hanging on much longer than it should. We’ve been treating it since September of last year, which is a long time... read more

Sun Rise over Fort Paws & Tails

146/365 Through the fog & redwood, the sun rises over Fort Paws & Tails. I can’t take all the credit for this photo. I woke up yesterday morning and found my 50 mm lens on my camera. I rarely use the 50 mm. I saw the mode was set to P. I never use that... read more

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