Sep 302013
Five Easy Steps to a Dream Team

Step 1: Teach the criminal to bikejor. Step 2: Teach the cracker to bikejor. Step 3: Teach Mr. Wild Dingo to bikejor (and convince him its fun). Step 4: Tell Mr. Wild Dingo to stop reading this post. Step 5: Que up the chick flicks while Mr. Wild Dingo takes the dogs bikejoring.

Sep 172013
The Best Kind of Mess

“Essscusuuuzzze me? What exactly did my pal Jim say about me?” A few weeks ago, we ran into one of Loki’s biggest fans Jim, not once, but twice in one weekend. Jim was one of the first people who not only didn’t shriek or flee when he first met the cracker, but laughed and delighted [...]

Sep 102013
Ain't No Mountain High Enough

“Ain’t no mountain high enough to keep me from woo!” It’s been far too long since we last saw this view, when we did this big loop.  But through the hot summer, we’ve been keeping our bike rides to about 5 mile round trips, in the shade. The only thing holding her back this summer [...]

Sep 082013

Mr. Wild Dingo had been traveling last week leaving the Husky to feel, well, a little bummed out. You see our nightly routine starts when I prepare their dinner, then I prepare our dinner while Juno sits on the far end of the kitchen fascinated with the food smells. The routine follows up with the [...]

Sep 032013
Excuse Me While I Kiss the Sky

Purple haze all in my brain. Lately things don’t seem the same.   I’ve got Jimi on my brain for September’s masthead. In addition to having difficulty writing simple blog posts, it seems my amateur capacity for moderately decent photography has gone to crap. Sifting through all my photos taken in the past months was [...]

Aug 292013
Bikejoring with Amateurs

“Swiss Cheeses! Daddy-O! You’re embarrassing me.” One of these dogs is doing the sled dog thing all wrong. Can you tell which one? Poor Juno. She’s the only pro among the four of us. We’re all amateurs compared to her.

Aug 212013
Happy Juno-Versary!

Last weekend, we celebrated Juno’s fifth anniversary of her adoption and her sixth birthday. She’s all grown up now and I couldn’t be prouder. Long time readers may think my problem dog is the cracker, but Juno didn’t come without her own set of issues. And we are not talking about her mastication addiction. In [...]

Aug 162013
Red Alert

I’ve been known to boast about Loki and his natural talents but I never thought he’d live up to it. Maybe it’s because I see potential in him that nobody else can see. He literally saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage and quite possibly our lives when he alerted to a fire [...]

Aug 142013
The Practice

I took out my yoga mat after having not officially practiced for about two months now. I started in Savasana, otherwise known as corpse (dead body) pose.  I didn’t make it much further than that. Being a bit of a firecracker of a personality, Savasana has always been my most challenging pose. And now, its [...]

Aug 122013
Siberian Sell-Out

Thank you Juno, for volunteering to walk calmly into the shower stall for your bath the other night for the small price of a chicken treat. I did not have the energy to play our usual game of “wrestle the 60-lb Siberian into the the shower stall.”  I appreciate your compliance—however reluctant it was. I’m [...]

Aug 082013
Searching for our Groove

This month’s masthead was inspired by this song from The Boss. As much as I’d like to bare my Sylvia Plath side, Mr. Wild Dingo would be mortified if I went with my original idea theme, Paint it Black.  Hang on, Internet, you’ll understand in a minute. Mr. Wild Dingo’s nick name while in the [...]

Jul 222013
Bikejoring Adventures

I went to a wedding  this weekend that had bicyclists as 90% of the guest list.  ”What is this Bikejoring thing you’re doing,” asked a friend of mine who’d seen me post a few photos on Facebook. If you told me 10 years ago I’d hook up dogs to my mountain bike to pull me, [...]

Jul 042013
Independence for All

When I came home last night, Mr. Wild Dingo told me the dogs found a King Snake under an old oak stump near our weed field sitting area. So I asked him, “Does he live there or was he passing through?” Mr. Wild Dingo’s all, “you know, I didn’t ask him.” Yes, Internet, these are [...]

Jun 272013
Turkish Spa

Why is it, whenever I give the dogs a bath and lay out about 187 old towels and blankets for them to roll around on for drying off, the Sibe always insists on going straight to my prized handwoven Turkish rug to finish her drying? Remember that time when Mr. Wild Dingo and I were [...]

Jun 192013
Happy Loki-versary

Readers, don’t shame me but, it was Loki’s anniversary at the end of May and I plum forgot to post about it. But I have a note from my doctor and it excuses me from being temporarily insane. But that’s another story. This story is about Loki’s fifth year with us, so I thought I’d [...]

Jun 072013
In the Fur

For those 3 readers not following the other 3 readers who follow us on Facebook, here’s a little piece of news: Mr. Wild Dingo and I got to meet some very famous Internet celebrities, in the FUR! Last week, we met up with Norwood and his bean along with Jack, Moo and their hu-mom. What [...]

Jun 042013
Bottoms Up!

When I’m feeling blue, nothing cheers me up than a shot like this. Doggie butts are silly. I was going to cover up their butt-holes for obvious reasons, but then I realized, butt-holes are a part of real life and unavoidable. Like the kinds you run into while on a pleasant dog walk, bothering nobody [...]

May 212013
Garden Gnomes

“Princess, Garden Gnomes were a huge hit at the Chelsea Flower Show this year, but these garden gnomes sure are odd looking.” “They aren’t garden gnomes, Daddy-O, they’re reproductions in metal, of one of your not-so-distant cousins.”