Lyme Disease is the Fastest Growing Infectious Disease

Lyme Disease is a growing epidemic and drastically underfunded. Learn why and how you can help with a tax deductible donation to ILADS!

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Here for a Canine Laugh?

Check out Juno’s latests mastication crimes!

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Inky Caps

I know, I never write anymore. I could have fallen off the face of the earth or better yet, suddenly recovered from Lyme disease and got on a plane to Aruba for some much needed vacation. I could only dream. The weather’s been cray-cray here lately Internet.... read more

He’s a Banana Head with Cracked Out Moves

Big Sigh of Relief! X-rays and vet exam show the cracker (who’s been nursing a back leg owie for weeks) does NOT have a torn cruciate ligament, nor does he have arthritis, bone cancer or any bone fragmentation. Whatever Loki’s doing to his back leg via his... read more

Tough Love

“Hey Big Boy! Whatchya doin’ with that crackery thing on your noggin?” The criminal not only photobombs the cracker but as usual, tries to intrude upon his morning meditations. “Hey Juicy.  I’m just chill-axin my chakras. Why you gotta go... read more


Victory. 365/365 Project 365 is now closed. Its purpose was to keep me distracted during the toughest part of the treatment protocol for Lyme disease. But it did more than that. It kept my sense of wonder about the world around me alive. Those with Lyme disease know... read more

Cracker Calming Techniques

“A little FIR for my furs is just what the doctor ordered.”  –  361/365 Far Infrared rays + negative ions + calming energy of Amethyst crystals of the Bio Amethyst Mat are all that it takes to calm a cracker. For five minutes. He literally believes... read more

Springing New Life

Up in the Grill 362/365 Friday I went for my first IV IG infusion treatment. Since it’s a blood product and risky, the nurse has to monitor the patient’s vitals and symptoms every 30 minutes. It’s about 4-6 hour drip depending on how the patient... read more

Memories of Mastication Madness

“Hey Princess, remember that time you ate the seats in Mom’s Mini Cooper?” “Yah, those were good times Daddy-O. Good, good, times. Think the seats in this blue baby will be as fun?” Don’t worry, Internet. It’s not my car and I... read more

I Like Old Things

I don’t just rescue dogs. Sometimes I rescue old pieces of furniture in need of a new home, like this 19th Century oak-carved Flemish writing desk. It is the oldest thing in our home, after Mr. Wild Dingo, of course.  (358/365) Carved around 1890 in Belgium, the... read more

Best Value Add in a Husband

Best value-add in a husband: tool skills.  He’s definitely not the man of my dreams. My dreams were never this good. Happy Birthday to my old man.... read more

Another Fallout of Lyme Disease

Early Cherry Blossoms -356/365 CVID, Common Variable Immunodeficiency. Another fallout from complications due to Lyme disease. When researchers say Lyme disease is AIDS-like, this is what they mean. Basically I don’t make antibodies as a normal person.... read more

A Cracker’s Core Power

355/365 Crossfit ain’t got nothin’ on a cracker’s core power!  The other day, he took care of his business (#2) while balancing on only one front paw. Sorry Internet, I had no camera to catch the action. You’ll just have to take my word for it.... read more

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